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NFL Betting Tips & Predictions. If you are looking for NFL predictions or NFL betting tips, than here is the perfect place for it all! NFL (National Football League) is the most important competition of American professional football. Having been founded in 1920 by 11 teams, part if the American Professional Football Association, the nowadays name was taken only in 1923. In the 2016 season, NFL hosts 32 USA teams. The League is divided in two equal conferences – the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC), each of them consisting of four divisions with four teams per division. The most important moment in the NFL competition is the Super Bowl. This is a highly popular event in the USA, people treating it as some sort of national holiday. Watching Super Bowl has become some sort of tradition and betting on the favorite team – an interesting and fun manner of spending time. Our website comes here as your best friend in your search for NFL predictions. If you want to start betting, you definitely should read all of the professional BFL betting tips that we are offering you free of any charges! Good results may be achieved only after you have read out professional NFL predictions and NFL betting tips, provided by people who are so good at what they are doing, that they are actually making a living out of betting. A quite good living. If you want to start winning money, start reading the NFL betting tips. It is absolutely free, so you are not losing anything. What you might lose is money, if you don’t get into our free NFL tips and start betting unprofessionally! Have fun and share the NFL predictions on our website with your friends!