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Hockey Betting Tips & Predictions. Welcome to the best website of free Hockey betting tips and hockey predictions! Hockey on ice is a winter Olympic game, where two teams are required with a specific equipment. The term ”hockey” is intensely disputed between the French and the English people. One thing is certain – its origins go back in the Middle Ages. A similar game to what we nowadays know as hockey has been attested in Holland, in the 17th century, where a group of people, on skates, played on the frozen rivers. Another theory suggests that hockey has been invented on the American continent, as something similar to the American game – lacrosse. And finally, the most accepted theory is the one that points to the fact that hockey on ice has developed from hockey on grass. The first rules regarding ice hockey have been introduced by a group of students of a university in Montreal, in 1870. Throughout this entire period, the new sports has become extremely popular in Canada and later, passing to the United States, where the first professional hockey league was formed in 1903. Nevertheless, the international hockey league was formed in Paris, in 1908, while the first public hockey game took If you are a hockey fan, you might want to become an expert and start winning some good money, by betting on the best hockey team. In order to do that, you need to be good in hockey predictions. You can become the best, if you access the hockey betting tips on our website. Once you have entered it, you will get full and unlimited access to the best hockey tips, provided by the best hockey professionals ever! All of the hockey betting tips on our website are free of charge, so you will definitely fall in love with this website! Read the most realistic hockey predictions and hockey tips and make yourself a little fortune!"