NBA Statistics

  • Total Tips ( 266 )
  • Active Tips ( 0 )
  • Tips Won ( 125 )
  • Tips Lost( 136 )
  • Tips Voided( 5 )
  • Total Profit +318.67
  • Win Rate 47 %

NBA Top tipsters

# Tipster Tips Profit
1 cipikao 25 +145.6
2 Jorasi18 37 +115.91
3 Conte 61 +36.5
4 purge21 27 +30.18
5 juventini 6 +15.6
6 PepGuardiola 14 +12
7 Bundy 1 +9
8 wagner 2 -1
9 tritonal 3 -11
10 99022077 85 -34.12

NBA Tips

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